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Whether you have just started dating or doing a re-entry to the dating scene, keep in mind that no one is an expert. Many people struggle with matters concerning the heart. Furthermore, there are no fixed or magic formulas for finding a special person. Although there is no fixed advice for dating, we have some expert dating advice that will help a marriage minded single to find and build an online relationship into a lasting marriage:


Commit Yourself to Dating


Do not gamble about it, you need to dig yourself deep into dating; treat the search for a spouse the same way you would do for a job. Consider all your short and long-term goals. Know your principles; know exactly what you are looking for in a partner. Understand your strengths and weaknesses; establish what you can offer as a spouse. Check your time-frames too; when do you wish to be married? If you know all these, you will be able to gauge your relationship’s progress.


Understand Yourself


You cannot know someone else’s compatibility with you if you do not know who you are. Think about how caring and selfless you are to others. How accountable and dependable, how committed are you to high ethics and personal growth. How is your self-esteem? Do you have a kind heart? Are you good at nurturing relationships and dedicated to charity? Keep in mind, confidence attracts, and it is easier to be confident if you know yourself and identify your match.


Be Wise when Dating Online


If you opt to take your search for a partner online, proceed with caution. The Internet should help you to meeting people, do not conduct the entire relationship online. Beware of people who develop different personalities online. If you think you have found a prospect online, arrange for a date as soon as you can. Do not give out your phone number, or address information until you know the person you are dealing with. Also, ensure that your first meeting is a safe one. Arrange for a short coffee date in a hotel and alert loved ones where and with whom you’ll be with.


Understand What a Woman (or Man) Wants


Guys, women want: to be appreciated, shown love and protected. They are concerned in your ability to earn a living and learn. Never try to buy her off or influence her affection or attention. Don’t treat a woman that you just met like the one that you will marry. Give the relationship some time.


Women, you have to understand that hasty expression of affection will send a potential partner running for their life. Keep your interests in the back of your mind, and let the relationship develop naturally over time. Timing means everything; share and disclose at the best time for your relationship to mature.


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