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Women are mostly emotional beings who attach feelings to every action or caption they see. It is simpler for them to get matches on PureDating as compared to men due to their comparison in number and nature. With such in mind, women are choosier when it comes to who to like on the platform. This prompts men to be more creative when they want to entice women and vet what they post on their profiles. Below are the dos and don’ts women look for.


1. Pictures


Photographs can be the best representation one can put out to get dates. That notwithstanding, they can spell doom to this course. If a man posts a picture of himself with beautiful women, no matter the relationship, ladies tend to shy away. If you are a man, avoid sharing pictures taken at weddings, hang out with female friends or even a group photo at the stadium. Ladies are naturally jealousy and may not understand the context of the photo.


On the other hand, pictures taken in an activity, laughing or relaxing gives a modest impression. It shows the softer side, the let-out and the composed side of the person. Ladies are usually at ease with a person who can make them laugh as it improves the personality and makes them feel at ease.


2. Profiles


It is what makes a woman get to accept or reject a proposal. But before the decision is made, the following informs the judgement:


  • If the profile is incomplete or shows inconsistencies, it is a NO. This shows a lack of seriousness, laziness, and annoyance.


  • A variety of photos gives someone an all-around persona. Pictures have a way of showing someone in different dimensions. This is a character gauge, a trait that can earn a gentleman a good date.


3. Conversations 


This is the first step after connecting: what to say and how to say it. There are different ways to start and steer a conversation, both formally and informally. The first point of reference when trying to know someone is their bio. If the profile is relatable, either through personification or a quote from a book, movie, meme or song, the conversation tends to liven up.


It will be ill-advised to talk about previous encounters on dating or even the process. Such conversation acts as a reference point to future engagement. When a lady finds her much on PureDating, at no point should a man refer to anything from the platform.


Other conversation etiquettes are: 


  • It is too common to start a conversation with a “Hi” or “Hey”. Be creative. Use occurrences, compliment something on their bio or pull a joke on anything relatable.


  • Be quick to reply. It is a pointer to attentiveness and commitment. Excuse yourself when busy, and promise to get back when you have time.


  • For mature conversations, avoid chatting using abbreviations or pseudo-words.

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