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Have you dated a thread of guys who seem perfect to settle with, just to find that they are wrong for you? If you can’t find Mr. Right in the long list of guys you have dated, we have dating tips for women that can help you to bring out your best in dating.


Don’t Overthink

When you are single, you can get caught up in thoughts of why you are not finding the right guy, especially when your friends are dating or married. Do not let the frustrations get to you, lest you start feeling reckless in love.


Let Him Take Control

Do not shy away from a guy taking care of you once in a while. For a guy, there is nothing that makes him feel like a man than knowing he is taking care of his woman. When you are with a guy, you can make him fall for you by letting him take care of you. Avoid being so guarded; that will make him feel useless around you.


Do Not Compare

Avoid looking for your old relationship in the current one, and do not expect your ex’s qualities in your present partner. If you continuously try to look for comparisons, you will end up with someone who is exactly like your ex, and that will not work in your favour. As an alternative, try to look for qualities that you want to see in a boyfriend.


If It Doesn’t Work, Leave It!

Some things may be worth fighting for, but a new relationship is not worth the effort. Do not get into a relationship with doubts, or hold on to a relationship that you do not see a future in it. A bad relationship cannot give you happiness.


Prepare For a Few Drawbacks

In the love life world, things aren’t always a bed of roses. Most of us have to date several people before we finally settle for the right one. It is therefore important to understand that not every date will end up in a magical relationship. If you have had bad dates before, forget about them and be hopeful that the next one goes well!


Be True To Who You Are

You are unique and authentic the way you are. Show your true self to every guy you meet. In the case that there is an aspect you do not like in yourself, work on it so that you feel more confident and real.


Don’t Rush Anything

Meeting a guy who is almost perfect could tempt you to throw yourself immediately at him. It is advisable to avoid getting too involved too soon. When a guy feels that you are too easy to get he will lose interest in you as quickly as you fell for him. Take time to learn each other and develop your relationship slowly but surely.

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