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With the improvement of technology, it is now easy to get a date. This simplicity, however, does not remove the hands-on activities like knowing someone. It just bridges the time gap on whom and where to meet a soulmate. You might chat, like or flirt with someone you have met online, but dating involves physical meetings. At PureDating, we set the stage for the initial analysis of the person you would like to meet and set the tone for future engagement offline. The following are the steps on how to get dates on PureDating:

Step 1: Create Your Profile

Go to the PureDating landing page and sign up. Details needed are preferred username, email address, gender, and a password. Intricate information like preferences, best profile photo, and a catchy write-up should be added. If you have to get the best from the rest, you should invest in a good bio.

Step 2: Go through Available Profiles

This is the most anticipated part. PureDating exposes you to a variety of people to choose from. The site has only one category; the basic. The basic profile allows one to view all the details form the profile for free. Go through their details and see if they match your expectations.

Step 3: Start a Conversation

If the person answers the salutation, initiate a conversation. A straight male usually starts the conversation with more creative opening salutations, far from a mere hey or hi. A good pick up line would emanate from the person’s bio. However, do not be over-creative, example initiating a joke or complimenting. However, if done well, it might raise your score.

Step 4: Create a Sustainable Conversation

Also, a good starter conversation should be more social than formal. Try to invoke participation of the other party by asking questions that might dictate the type of relationship. If it started from a comment, picture of caption from his or her bio, sustain the prose, fixing in some dating questions. Being creative and smart is a plus, but do not go overboard.

Step 5: Ask him or her Out for a Date

From the conversations, the desire to meet or not is vivid. It is the hardest to ask because it shows readiness to commitment.  Craft an excellent way to ask them out. Meeting up is a choice, and if it is yes, they will create time. If not, they will explain themselves.

Step 6: Make Adequate Plans for the Date

It is good to let the person choose what they are comfortable with; time, food or location but have things under wrap.

Step 7: Create an Anticipatory Mode

After agreeing on the date, engage the other person on conversations that will make the meeting a thing to look forward to. Keeping quiet might diminish the anticipation for the date.

Step 8: Keep Time

The first impression matters, therefore making it a concern to show up on or before time. This is where dating begins, therefore talk good, be kind and create an impression that will make the mission a success.

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