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If you have the right strategy, you can step up your online dating texting. You may have had some success with the ladies through dating online. However, there are some very simple and straightforward texting tips that will make you succeed on an entirely different level. Besides, it is just a small reorientation from what you are currently doing on the online dating sites free chat.

Tip 1: Flirting

You may want to pique her interest when you get her phone number with a bit of flirting. The most important thing to remember when you flirt with women is to keep it light and lively. Joke around with her and do not shy away from using an emoji to drive home the fact that you are teasing her. Use the flirt online dating & chat card to make her relaxed and be interested in you: If there are one unique quality women like in men, it is their sense of humor.

Tip 2: Use Online Dating Texting to Secure a Date

Keep in mind, that when you are texting, the main thing is to organise a date. Most of the vital communication will happen in person. Furthermore, texting will not convey the crucial parts of interpersonal communication; tone and body language. For that, you will have to cut the texts and ask her to meet you in a place where she feels comfortable. That is when you start creating the intimacy that may have been missing during the texting. How do you shift from texts to up-close communication?

Tip 3: Pop out Killer Date Ideas 

You have been texting, and finally, she has agreed to a date. Now you have to make the real transition from texts to a date. But how do you make that happen? You can start by texting her date ideas that you have in mind. Start with your killer ideas, and then you can work your way through your list to see what she would like. Three strikes and she is out: if you text her three different ideas of a date and she does not agree to any of them, she is not interested or not serious. Move on to another person who is more interested since no amount of texting tips will get this one.

Tip 4: Manage Logistics 

Once she agrees to go out on a date via online dating texting, you need to start handling logistics. You need to figure out the time you will meet, where you are meeting, whether you will pick her up or if you are going to meet somewhere you have agreed. This marks a new stage in your online dating game. You are no longer on the online dating sites free chat platform. You are making real plans. While before it was all party, you are now in the kingdom of “all business.”

Tip 5: Wait Patiently for the Date 

Once all the logistics are squared away end the conversations with a modest “Great, see you then!” message. If she decides to text you after this, make sure you keep things brief. Furthermore, you need her to want more, and you plan to communicate with her in a different way that texting cannot cover. Ending things after making the date plans is the perfect climax to your flirt online dating & chat.

Do you want more texting tips? Or perhaps online dating advice in general? Keep checking the PureDating Blog for more dating and relationship advice and tips.

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