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You should practice online safe dating since it is not every person you find online is well-intentioned. The good news is that these alienated individuals are a small minority of the online dating population. However, they exist, and if you are going to hook up in real life with a person you have met online, you need to take some necessary precautions.


Here Are the Risks


  • Personal safety when you go on a date with a person you met online.
  • Harassment and stalking.
  • Fraud, when people appeal to you to send them money.
  • Somebody masquerading as a person who they are not.
  • Webcam blackmail, where impostors record you in front of your webcam and use the recordings to extort money from you.
  • Being defrauded by websites posing as reliable dating sites, or claiming to be completely free dating sites no hidden fees.
  • Uspecificrtain dishonest dating sites that set up ‘pseudo’ or fake profiles.
  • People using fake online dating names female and males find attractive.


The following online safe dating tips to protect yourself: 


  1. Go on a date in public places. Although you may want a quick hook up, your first date should be at a coffee shop, museum, park, or any good public venue. This gives you the chance to know the other person, so you can identify obvious threats before you meet in a more private place.


  1. Tell your family or friends what you are doing. Make sure at least one person knows who you are going on a date with, when, and where. You can make arrangements to check in with that friend at least once during your date. You can even have some friends hanging out where you have decided to meet, inconspicuously keeping an eye on you.


  1. Pay your way. If your date wants money from you or wants to give you lots of money, walk away. Giving you gifts or money does not mean that person loves you or even cares about you. Sex or love in exchange for money is not romance; it is prostitution. If you are not sure about that person’s sincerity, you can ask for the opinion of a friend or family member before you proceed.


  1. Dress appropriately. So you have met a potential partner in a safety matches dating site, and you want a long-term relationship. Make sure you leave the super-sexy dress at home. You want to be sure the other person likes you for who you are, but sending a sexual message may scare away a serious suitor.


  1. Trust your instincts. If a situation does not feel right to you, get out. You are never obliged to continue with a date. The issue may be something harmless, maybe not. Either way, if you feel uncomfortable, then the other person may not be what you want.


The good news is that a majority of the people you find online are genuine in their quest to meet a long-term partner, a sex partner, or simply a friend. PureDating has many online safe dating advice articles that will help you to know what to do in the online dating world. So, as long as you follow these simple steps to protect yourself while indulging yourself in online safe dating, meeting an online partner in real life is no more dangerous than spending time with somebody you met in other ways.

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