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There are many questions that you can have in your head prior, during and after a date, which is why we decided to assemble a list of tips for serious single men, to ensure that your date is a complete success. Here are some important dating tips to keep in mind as a man:


Work on Your First Impression


Your ragged jeans may be fluky, but keep in mind, that will be the first impression your potential partner gets of you. Never pretend to be someone else, the girl might like to see that you are proud of your appearance. Do not worry, this does not mean you have to wear a full tuxedo, but a shower, shave, applying some aftershave and putting on something good will help to impress your date and get a good start. Now all you need to worry about is arriving on time.


Meet Somewhere You Will Feel Comfortable


You may think that you are being a gentleman by allowing your date to decide where you will go on your date, but most women like to see that you can take charge. Furthermore, dating can be an unnerving experience, so help cut through those nerves by organizing to meet in a familiar place. This will help to make you more comfortable. Although, you should avoid your normal joint, as bouncing into your mates could cause distractions on your date.


Be Confident


Women prioritize confidence when it comes to picking their guy. If you are shy, practice in advance by talking to strangers. You can also pick a subject that you are enthusiastic about during the date, such as a hobby. She will feel your confidence as you talk ardently about it. Some people may also be uncomfortable with their appearance but it is more attractive to show that you are contented in your own body and pleased being you.


Don’t Talk Too Much


On your date, it is important that you don’t do all the talking. Try to keep your statements short and concise. If the date goes well, there will be plenty of opportunities to share your lengthy stories in the future. Don’t be scared of the pauses and you can spice up the conversation by asking your date some few questions. Listening is also important; it shows that you take interest in what she wants to say.


Keep the Conversation Enjoyable 


Try to keep the conversations light-hearted. On the first date, do not get into a deep conversation about why you don’t like your job. Women like a guy who can make them happy and laugh. You might have to be serious at some point, but in such early stages of dating, you should have some fun.


Avoid Talking About Your ‘Ex’ 


The ‘ex’ conversation is dangerous territory. Simply stay away from such conversations altogether. Your date may not be interested and it will make things awkward between you. If the subject comes up, keep your answers short (without appearing distrustful). Assure her that the past is history and all you want is to spend your time knowing her instead.


Turn off Your Cell Phone 


The most annoying is phones ringing while trying to spend quality time with friends, and it is more irritating on a date. Do not put it on vibrate or silent, as it will still distract you. Just turn your phone off. If she notices that you turned your phone off to just to focus on the date, she will appreciate it.


Offer to Pay 


Things have changed and most women assume that they will pay for their part of the bill. On the first date, insist on paying the bill (although do not be forceful). This makes you look like a gentleman. If she insists on paying, you can suggest she gets the bill during your next date, if she desires.


So, you have a date coming up and you have read our top dating tips. So take a deep breath, relax and enjoy being who you are.

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