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If you have been in a stable relationship for a long time and unexpectedly become single it can be difficult to get back into the dating scene. Times have greatly changed from the time you got a partner; online relationship, for starters. Online dating is a whole new universe, so we offer dating advice in their online dating blog, for those who are ready to find love online.


The tough part comes when you need to start communicating with your matches. For an unknown reason, people freeze. Online daters are likely to meet with people left and right (pun intended), but abandon the connections without saying hello. Here is some advice to initiate a conversation so you do not have to second-guess anymore.


Say something


Whenever you start a conversation, just don’t say ‘Hi!’ and stop. You are trying to start a conversation that will lead to a date here. Also, keep in mind that you can fall prey to the idea of an idle talk hoping that it will lead to a more practical discussion. The problem is that, in reality, that message will be ignored by your match as they proceed to talk with someone who sent a more substantive message.


Most people take the time to write about themselves on their profile. Take the time to read their profile and cherry pick a conversation starter from that. Sending a two-word message gives your recipient nothing to work with. Write a message that will make them want to respond immediately.


Be unique 


You do not want to write one common message that you blast to your list of prospective lovers. Not only does the dullness of the message become noticeable, but it shows that you look at online dating as a game of numbers than a real chance to start an online relationship.


Use their profile to initiate a conversation 


If you have a girl/guy that you like, you probably have many things you already have in common. Take some minutes to read their profile in detail, as it is often all the effort you will need to find great conversation topics to talk about. The first message you send should break the ice and be a source of anxiety. There is always something embedded in their profile that will be a great choice to start a conversation. Use that to relay a story, share an experience, a memory, a thought, a wish.


Explore your match through conversation 


Dating is all about igniting sparks of passion; an online conversation should not be any different? However, that should not be an excuse to start sending passionately lecherous messages whenever you get a chance. Rather, it is an opportunity to begin creating intimacy by connecting on a logical and emotional way.


How can you connect on an emotional level? Explore your potential match’s desires and discuss the passions and likes in your life as well. Both your profiles should give one another the clues to discuss these matters in a natural way. Sometime you may come across a match with a plain profile or they are new to the dating platform and are yet to build up a profile. You will have to be creative to get them to open up.

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